One Crazy Month & A Big Sale

To be completely honest, April is pretty much a blur to me. After putting Drusilla to sleep in late March, my brain took a month’s…


To be completely honest, April is pretty much a blur to me. After putting Drusilla to sleep in late March, my brain took a month’s rest. I think it needed a little break from the emotional roller coaster that was mid-late-March.

I was very fortunate to have had my mom visit me in early April, a trip that was planned long before my goodbye to my little girl. It was nice to have her visit for almost two weeks. She kept me busy cleaning and purging my house, which kept my mind temporarily off of the hole in my heart. It also gave Daphne some extra love and attention, which I think she needed. She has really been missing her buddy.

I did accomplish quite a bit in those two weeks, including blowing past the 40 bags in 40 days challenge. When the 40 days were up I had filled and donated or threw away over 50 giant black garbage bags. It was quite an accomplishment, although it did pain me to get rid of some things. I just held my breath and let a bunch of stuff go. After all, it is only stuff, right?

And while I didn’t finish everything I wanted to, I did put a huge dent in my house purge most importantly my craft room. I found so many craft projects and craft supplies that I had totally forgotten about. It was like Christmas morning every time I opened a bag.

Etsy Sale

Unfortunately, I can’t keep all of my crafts and supplies so I’ll be destashing a lot of what I have in my Etsy shop, Retro Girl Design. Some of the items include:

  • Craft books, pamphlets, and kits
  • Cross-stitch notions and kits
  • Jewelry making supplies
  • Scrapbook and Journal supplies 
  • Vintage knitting needles
  • Yarn, yarn, and more yarn!

That is just a taste of what you’ll find. It will be a craft smorgasbord of different supplies.

I will also be discontinuing all of my current handmade Etsy shop items. I have taken down all of the listings as of now. They will be re-listed along with the supplies. I have a few items that I started but never finished that I’ll be adding too.

I am planning on completely revamping my Etsy shop for a brand new retro-inspired theme which I’ll launch later this year, so the items I have been selling for years will now be discontinued. That means no more play food. 🙁 Once an item is gone it is gone for good!

Sneak Peek at the Sale

I am still going through everything, but my thought is to start posting mid-late-May. If you want a sneak peek at some of the items and to be in the know on the exact date when I’ll begin posting, sign up for my newsletter. You can sign up on the right-hand sidebar under Join My Email List. I’ll be sending an email or two out to my newsletter subscribers before the big sale, so y’all can have first dibs on the goodies!

Discount Code

I’ll also be sending my newsletter subscribers a special discount code, which I have never offered before. Just a thank you to y’all for being so awesome! So be sure to sign up for the newsletter to stay in the know and to get the code.