NFL Pincushion Tutorial

Show your team pride with your very own NFL pincushion. I will be using the Pittsburgh Steelers for this tutorial, but have also included the…

Show your team pride with your very own NFL pincushion.

I will be using the Pittsburgh Steelers for this tutorial, but have also included the logos for the New Orleans Saints and Chicago Bears. You can substitute any team’s logo.

felt remnants in your team’s colors
embroidery thread in matching colors
embroidery needle
1. Download the PDF template and cut out two circles, a long rectangle, and the NFL logo of your choice. (I apologize for my elementary art skills. I tried!)
2. Using the templates you just cut, cut the long rectangle and two circles out of felt. (I used black for the Steelers.)
3. Using the NFL logo as a guide, cut felt pieces out of your team’s colors. If you are using the Steelers, I’d also cut out a slightly smaller white circle for the background of the logo. This needs to be attached to the top of one of the black circles. I used a running stitch along the edges.
4. Stitch logo design onto one circle. Set aside.
5. Using the other circle, whipstitch the circle to the bottom of the long rectangle (side). This will make the bottom and side of the pincushion. Whipstitch the sides closed.
6. Stuff the inside of the pincushion with polyfil.
7. Attach circle with logo to the top of the pincushion and whipstitch closed.

Now you’re ready to stitch your way through the season!

Want to use your pincushion to keep track of your team’s wins and losses? Just whip up a few football shaped pins.
1. Using the little football template on the PDF, cut footballs out of felt for every team on your schedule. Some teams will need two footballs as your team will play them more than once during the season. If you need to find out who your team plays, check out the NFL schedules, here. Many teams share the same colors, so you will need to be creative!
2. Add the football stitching to the center of each football with embroidery thread.
3. Attach each football to a pin using a little dab of glue.
4. You now have your very own football countdown!

Be sure to save some felt and pins for the playoffs and the Super Bowl. We can all be optimistic, right?!

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  1. Thank you so much for the info and the pincushion details! I JUST purchased a book from Amazon regarding felting and cannot wait to do this! I want to install your logo on my blog, but I am switching to blogger, because WP is so limited in terms of being computer (illiterate) friendly, lol!

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