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So as you know from my first post of the year, I have vowed to redo my bedroom. This is going to be my major…


So as you know from my first post of the year, I have vowed to redo my bedroom. This is going to be my major DIY project of 2012.

There are 2 main problems with the room.

Problem #1: Everything has to match yellow

The walls are a very bright yellow. This is the color the previous owners painted the walls before I moved in and I never repainted it. If it was an eggshell yellow I would like it a lot more, but it is pretty yellow. Since the room is actually pretty big with vaulted ceilings,  I really don’t want to repaint it right now. So, all of the window hangings, fabric, pillows, and bedding has to match yellow.

Daphne will be sorry to see this duvet cover go!

Problem #2: None of the furniture matches

While I would love to buy an entire matching bedroom set, I don’t foresee that happening unless I win the lotto. And since I don’t play the lotto, that means I will have to try to match everything on a budget. The headboard is the #1 priority for my bedroom remodel. I’d also like a new dresser and two end tables. That is a lot of furniture for my budget, but I’m hoping I can find similar pieces at low prices. It really isn’t a bad bedroom, it just needs a little sprucing up!

So, here are some of my bedroom inspirations (in no particular order), thanks to Pinterest!

#1 – Yellow, pink, white, and green

I love the yellow bedspread and the pink duvet at the end of the bed. I actually already have the white sheets and white drapes, so this might be easy to pull off. I do not like the headboard thing. That is a little too much for me, plus I can just see Drusilla hanging off of it at 3:00 in the morning!
#2 – Blue, green, white, and yellow
This yellow wall color is very similar to mine. I never would have thought to put blue with yellow, but the green compliments it nicely. The drapes are interesting too. I wonder if that would make the ceiling look higher than it is? Hmm.
#3 White, light blue, and yellow
I’d love to go all white on my bed. That way I could add different pillows and throws as the seasons change. There is one main reason why I have not ordered a super fluffy white duvet cover yet. . .
Oh, I can just see all of the black hair! I do find it kind of funny that there is one cat laying on the floofy white duvet cover and the other on the floor. That would be my girls, with Drusilla on the bed and Daphne on the floor. 🙂 


  1. I have two of my three bathrooms that are yellow, so I completely understand. One is bright colors and the other, well it's the cat's room, so I'm not too concerned and it (she is still a kitten and plays with EVERYTHING) needs to stay kinda bare.
    Also, one of my sister's cats is name Drusilla!

  2. Nosnin- Yellow rooms are very pretty, but hard to decorate, as I am finding out! I can't believe your sister's cat is named Drusilla too. Did she name her after the vampire on Buffy the Vampire Slayer? That is where my Drusilla got her name from. That is very cool! 🙂

  3. What beautiful bedrooms! Yellow can be a dangerous color to work with if you use too much or the wrong shade. This very lemon yellow is the perfect color to combine with whites and beiges and fun accent pieces. 🙂


  4. I love the yellow background. It looks bright and sunny. With the right furnishings, you can make it really work. I love the second inspiration by the way, it's very nice and refreshing.

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