Goal #13 for 2012

A few days ago I sat down and listed my 12 goals for 2012. While I was contemplating what to wear to work this morning,…


A few days ago I sat down and listed my 12 goals for 2012. While I was contemplating what to wear to work this morning, which just so happens to be Friday the 13th, another goal hit me. So, this year I’m going with 13 goals!

13. – Wardrobe makeover

I’m sure this is a goal for a lot of us year after year, but this year I am going to really start the process. I have some nice pieces of clothing, but not many outfits. So, my goal is to go through my closet to see what will match with my nicer pieces of clothing and then buy complementary pieces to form a new outfit!

I am also in need of some costume jewelry to wear with my outfits. Over the past couple of months, I’ve been picking up some pieces from Forever 21. I love their necklaces! Not only are they cute with fun charms, many are really cheap (less than $2). I also love their rings. I am a sucker for a funky ring, and Forever 21 has plenty of funky rings to choose from.

I’ve been using Pinterest for some inspiration (yay for Pinterest).  Here are a few outfits I am planning on putting together for my 2012 wardrobe.

I already have the grey sweater, white shirt, and jeans. I figure I can make myself a pink scarf and pearl bracelet, so that just leaves the purse and shoes!

I think yellow is the color of 2012. I have seen so many different colors matched with it, but navy and yellow looks great together. I have a lot of black and gold/yellow being a Pittsburgh Pirates/Steelers fan, so blue and yellow will be a nice change. I do own some jean capris, but nothing else in this outfit, although a yellow sweater is #1 on my list of additions to my wardrobe. New York and Co. has some great yellow clothes this season. I think I’ll start there!

Not so sure if I can pull off a corset, so a floral tank will be better. Love the hot pink sweater and jewelry. I think I’m going to need to invest in several pairs of shoes, since I don’t have shoes to match any of these outfits.

And lastly, a work outfit. This reminds me so much of the ’70s I just love it. I have a pair of really nice tan pants that might work, sunglasses, and a new brown belt, but everything else I will need to get.

There it is! If you want to see more of my wardrobe inspirations or find some for yourself, visit Crafting with Cat Hair on Pinterest. I even have a board just for wardrobe inspirations!


  1. I feel like I tell myself I ought to do a wardrobe makeover every year. And then I don't. Must do better! Good luck to you!

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