I was never really into trains

I know that a lot of little girls and boys love trains, but I was never one of them. As a child, I never hated…


I know that a lot of little girls and boys love trains, but I was never one of them. As a child, I never hated them, just never really had any desire to play with them.

My hatred for them came later in life when I went away to college at the University of Florida. I was not cool enough to have my own car at school, and the Gainesville airport was such a rinky dink thing that my mom forced persuaded me to take the train home to Ft. Lauderdale.

I rode the train 4 or 5 times before my best friend got a car and then was able to drive me home with her. But man, those 4 or 5 train trips were the pits: swaying back and forth for 8 hours, listening to the non stop screeching of the wheels on the rails, stopping every few minutes to pick people up and drop people off, and having to walk to other cars just to use the bathroom. Not fun!

I actually chuckled a little when I came across this awesome tutorial, via Design Sponge, for a vintage train case. It brought back all those horrific fun memories of riding the train in college!

This train case is really super cute, and the fact that it is a charging station would help me immensely since Drusilla loves to eat my cords!

Do you have an old, vintage train case you don’t know what to do with? (My family used to have a light blue one with a gold interior, but I am pretty sure it was sold at a garage sale years ago.) Why not make it into something fun!

How about an electric guitar?

Or a pet feeder?

Or spruce it up and give it as a gift?

Or how about a jewelry display case?

I know this one is a suitcase, but I thought all of you jewelry designers would love to see this one!

And check out this adorable suitcase bed from Atomic Attic.

I definitely think the girls would like to take a nap on one of these. The kitty in the picture even looks like Daphne. 🙂

So many possibilities! I guess I’ll be heading to the Goodwill this weekend to begin my search for vintage train cases and suitcases. I’ve never looked for suitcases before, so I’m interested to see what I will find. I’m just glad I don’t have to ride on a train to find one!


  1. Cool ideas! I have a couple — one I decorated (it's so cute!) and one still sitting there, waiting to be decorated! Around here, I pay no more than $5 for one at the thrift shop.

  2. I once went to a museum exhibit of what was probably Edwardian or Victorian items for the perfect gentleman or lady. Details are fuzzy (other than the fact that everything was brilliantly engineered and finely crafted), but I vididly remember this "train case" which provided everything the proper gentleman would need on a train trip. A little big steampunk and a lot of old money. I marveled at it. Reading your post I'm kicking myself for ditching all my "vintage" luggage (including a lovely but dated makeup case). What I could do with it now!

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