Book Reviews | A Touch of Farmhouse Charm

Summary via Goodreads: Opening A Touch of Farmhouse Charm is like taking a breath of fresh, clean country air. With the turn of each page,…


Summary via Goodreads: Opening A Touch of Farmhouse Charm is like taking a breath of fresh, clean country air. With the turn of each page, Liz Fourez leads you on a tour through her family’s house, restored to its 1940s rustic farm style, and teaches you how to make each handmade decoration yourself. The projects require minimal effort, yet add instant charm to any room. With your blue jeans on and a few of the most basic supplies in hand, you’ll be on your way to your dream home in no time.

You’ll learn how to make a custom wood Family Name Sign for your living room, a Wooden Boot Tray on Casters for the entryway, a Ruffled Stool Slipcover for the kitchen and a Rustic Wooden Frame for the bedroom, plus decorations for the office, bathroom, kids’ bedroom and playroom. Farmhouse style is about cultivating a connection among family, home, and nature; A Touch of Farmhouse Charm helps you bring the warmth and beauty of simpler times to your modern life naturally.

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My review: I found this amazing book at the library and fell in love with it right away. If you love farmhouse decor with easy DIY projects like I do, you will love this book.

A Touch of Farmhouse Charm is full of easy and actually doable DIY projects, 70 projects in all! It is very rare that I find a DIY book where there are so many projects that I can actually make. A lot of the DIY books out there are just so over my head.

The book is broken down by each room in the house (living room, dining room & entryway, kitchen, master bedroom, office, bathroom, kids’ bedroom, and playroom). Each project includes a step by step tutorial with many beautiful photos. I especially love the photos. They are crisp, light, and clear, which are very reminiscent of farmhouse charm.

While I haven’t tried any of the projects yet, I did add a few to my to do list. My favorites are the Stitched Cow Pillow, Simple Greenery Wreath, Ruffled Stool Slipcover, Table Leg Candleholder, Doily Gallery Wall, Vintage Wooden Spool, Layered Paint Corbel Bookend, Cross-Stitch Monogram, and Wire Cloche (pictured below).

There are some more difficult projects that require a drill and a saw like the Large Roman Numeral Clock, Planked Bookcase, Kids’ Drawing Station, Wooden Boot Tray on Casters, Simple Wooden Bench, and Paneled Door. But what I love is the projects are not only broken down by room but by level of difficulty. I steered clear of many of the advance projects and stuck with easier DIY decor like the Chicken Wire Candleholder show below.

I really enjoyed this book. I can see myself using so many of the projects to decorate my home. If you are a fan of farmhouse decor, I would recommend you picking up a copy at your local library or bookstore.